Geek alert

Here are the character amigurumis I’ve made to date–humans and humanoids. ^_^ Making character ami’s is fun, sort of like sewing plushies but more limiting due to the small size. These little guys are about 5-6″ tall.

Sailor Moon amigurumi  Sailor Moon, from Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. SM was my first favorite anime. I briefly considered making all the sailors but…I just don’t like the series that much anymore to make it worth the time. -_-;; So I just have Usagi-chan.

Gandalf  Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, natch. With crazy hair. XD

 Voyager amigurumi set

The crew of Star Trek: Voyager amigurumified. Not sure if spending several months working on these makes me a Trekkie… ^_^;; Anyway, they were really fun to make and I’m happy that the whole set is actually finished!

…hmm. Anime, LOTR, Star Trek. I’m such a geek. ^^


December 15, 2007. Amigurumi.


  1. Katie replied:

    I love your amigurumis! Sailor moon was also my first anime fav, and I love star trek. Kudos to you.

  2. Silmu replied:

    Wonderful amigurumis! I especially love the Gandalf.

  3. darkwolfofthemoon replied:

    Oh! It’s Usagi-chan! I used to love Sailor Moon, I have a locket that makes alot of noise and a 4″ doll of Usagi-chan.

  4. JoAnn replied:

    My sister sent me the link to your blog. She is in LOVE with your Sailor Moon doll and begged me to make her one. Where did you get the pattern?

    Love your Blog.

  5. Amanda replied:

    Hi, I just happened to be surfing for SM images, and I came across the image for your SM crochet doll. And I crochet, and I totally dig SM, lol, so I was wondering if there was any chance of getting the pattern for her?

  6. Mwa-i-ah replied:

    I was looking at pics of sm when i came across yours, sm was my first anime (or kimba) but i was wonder would you be able to give me the pattern, please?

  7. Self confessed Trekkie replied:

    Where on earth can I get the Star Trek pattern????

  8. Nimoe replied:

    Sorry, I don’t have a pattern for the Sailor Moon and other amigurumis here. Thanks for asking. :)

  9. Miss_trekkie replied:

    There ADORABLE :O I LOVE THEM :O You even did Chakotay’s tatoo xD

  10. Rita replied:

    omigosh. I LOVE your voyager amigurumis!! I would love to see what the rest of Neelix looks like. ^_^ I’m actually working on making a cupcake from your pattern and stumbled onto this post. It’s awesome. Great job on all of them!!

  11. irugnotmis replied:

    Gandalf is sooooo cute!! aww you’ve got a whole collection of ’em!

  12. nine replied:


    i want THIS sailor moon doll!!

    where can i get it??

    i want it sooo much……

    please tell me =)

    sweet greetz :nine from germany

  13. nine replied:

    my e-mail-addy:

    please please please

  14. Claire replied:

    OMG. You… I.. oh my. The Voyager crew?! You are truly epic! *revere*
    They’re so CUTE!<3 Oh I want to make them! I’ve been making amigurumi for a while now and I found your stuff, which I love. I’m such a trekkie<3
    So yes, sorry if I weirded you out, they’re just the most awesome ever XD

  15. Claire replied:

    Wow, I just realised something. Sorry to post twice, but I just discovered that you also wrote the pattern for the first Ami I ever made, the fox. <3 Thank you! I really love that one too.

  16. jen replied:

    ooohhh my fu**** gooood!!!!

    no pattern for sailor moon and else??? oh no, i want to make the same one, but without pattern….impossible….
    hm, i can’t do it by myself, shit. but i want that doll, too!!!
    maybee anytime you create a pattern for us people, who love your amigurumis :) then please send me a massage, i would pay for it!!!

    lovely greetings, jen

  17. Romelia replied:

    Hi, your dolls are beautiful, how can i get the sailor moon one?? please writhe to my email: i hope to get your answer soon

  18. Serena replied:

    wouow!!! All I can say is “adorable”. Especially Gandalf.

  19. Parisa replied:

    I know you don’t have a specific pattern for sm and voyager crew, but did you have anything for the body. The all seem to be the same.

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