Kouyuu amigurumi

Finally finished my Kouyuu amigurumi from Saiunkoku Monogatari that I started, like, ten years ago… ^_^;; I was going for a grumpy look. The little hair bun thing was really fun to make. Doll hair amuses me way too much, I think. ^^

Kouyuu amigurumi (front)


Kouyuu amigurumi (back)

Ryuuki is (probably) next. :D


August 4, 2008. Amigurumi, Saiunkoku Monogatari.


  1. kelifer replied:

    Oh my goodness that’s adorable!!!!! Is there any way you can put a tutorial on how to make the hair? ^^ (but seriously! Hahaha)

  2. sunnie_fairy replied:

    cute… VERY cute!

  3. Nimoe replied:

    Hehe, the hair…I’m still trying to improve the technique, myself. ^^ Kouyuu’s hair is mostly single crochet, actually.

  4. rikka_hime replied:

    wow! wonderful dolls! i would like to see a Shuuei amigurumi next time..

    U can surely earn from those dolls! they’re cute!

  5. Kim replied:

    omG!!! that is so amazing.. any poss that u’d share ur pattern? :[ i dont no this series but that is one insanely amazing crochet dolls i have ever seen haha xD

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