Ryuuki, mon ami

Another Saiunkoku amigurumi finished, yay! It’s Shi Ryuuki this time around, my fave SaiMono character who brings out my inner squee-ing fangirl. And here I thought I’d outgrown that phase. XD I’d like to try making a bigger version with the more elaborate court robes (elaborate robes = pretty)… The simpler outfit is a lot easier to make into a chibi doll, though!


It’s a good thing Shuurei is there to lean on ’cause he’s about to fall over under the weight of the hair. ^_^;;


August 17, 2008. Amigurumi, Saiunkoku Monogatari.


  1. andrea replied:

    you are truly a whiz at amigurumi…

  2. reversethieves replied:

    These are absolutely wonderful! Saiunkoku is one of my favorite shows and Ryuuki makes my heart beat faster too! Do you ever sell your work at conventions? I would certainly be interested in purchasing…

  3. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you very much! I haven’t been to a con in forever, actually… -_-;; At any rate, right now I mostly crochet for myself or friends, not really for sale. ^_^

  4. karren Dellariarte replied:

    i agreed this atory

  5. dEE replied:

    Do you have a tut for the hair?? I love these they are so cute.

  6. Nimoe replied:

    Thanks! Sorry, I don’t have a tutorial on the hair…I’m still working on improving the technique.

  7. Deawn replied:

    aaaaaaaaah they’re so cute!!! i did a great job :)))
    thank you so much for posting your cute work :)
    i hope there’ll be more in the future .)))

  8. angelique replied:

    how can i get the saiunkoku patterns?

  9. Nimoe replied:

    There are no patterns, sorry! Thanks!

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