A Slime draws near! Command?

I’ve been a fan of the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games since I got the first one with a subscription to Nintendo Power as a kid. So when I found this totally awesome slime amigurumi pattern by user arpelia on Ravelry, I had to make one. Actually, I was going to make three (red slime and metal slime also), but spending a few evenings hunched over under the brightest light in the house working with embroidery floss and a tiny 1.65 mm hook, I decided to put the other two on the to do list for now.



He is very cute! I stuffed him with partly with plastic pellets and partly with polyfil, so he’s very squishy and fun to hold. ^_^



November 29, 2008. Tags: , , , . Amigurumi.


  1. sunnie_fairy replied:

    oh, he looks great!

  2. plush-bots replied:

    ^^ oh cool!! it looks like he just popped right outta the game

  3. Anjali replied:

    Very Nice! I love that game & plan to reclaim my old Nintendo solely to play Dragon Warrior :) I’ll have to make on to pay homage :>

  4. norbert replied:

    this is so random!

  5. john replied:

    omg. I’ll pay you for one of these. Please please please email me how much.

  6. sacksquatch replied:

    Aw, so adorable!

  7. Levi replied:

    Pattern Please, going to make a Slime, She-Slime, Metal Slime, Heal Slime, Cure Slime then the Bubble Slime and Metal Bubble Slime and King Slimes, Cure and Metal as well. Maybe even a Man-o-war once.

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