Aeris amigurumi

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII lately. A lot. OK, I’m obsessed with it right now. As a result…

Aeris amigurumi

Aeris amigurumi

I luv Aeris! Or Aerith, if you will. ^_^ This was a great little project to make as I obviously haven’t done any crocheting for a long time…I attribute this to the fact that my friend started a knitting group back in February and I’ve pretty much been on a knitting kick since then. I’ve got some vacation coming up around the holidays, though, so I’m hoping to get more FFVII charas done. :D

Hope you like her! (Sorry, no pattern.)



November 11, 2009. Tags: . Amigurumi, Final Fantasy VII.


  1. Ivy replied:

    Very Cute!

  2. Caro-chan replied:

    Waaiii!!! I wish you’d write up a pattern for this… I want it so badly @.@ I’m working on a Cho-totoro now but it’s really hard to find anime-related free amigurumi patterns.

  3. Nimoe replied:

    Aww thank you both! ^.^ Caro-chan, are you on Ravelry? As I recall there’s a thread of anime craft patterns in the Anime Krafters group.

    Incidentally I just discovered a new series recently (that would be Axis Powers Hetalia) that has a lot of potential for crafty stuffs. :D

  4. sandy replied:

    Very cute little doll. I think of lots of uses for your design.


  5. Channy replied:

    This is just adorable, and I love love LOVE Aerith! I don’t suppose you do commissions?

  6. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you! :) At this time I’m not doing commissions, but thank you for asking. ^_^

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