Hanatamago amigurumi!

Have I mentioned yet that I’m totally in love with Hetalia? OK. ^_^ Here’s Finland and Sweden’s puppy Hanatamago, amigurumi style. (Hanatamagurumi?)

Hanatamago amigurumi

Hanatamago amigurumi

The yarn is Pitter Patter from Hobby Lobby~~it’s very soft and cuddly but difficult to count stitches in. I used my previously posted dog pattern which I of course did not make just for this project and added a row to the legs, ears, and tail since this yarn seemed to smoosh together somehow.


December 22, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Amigurumi, Axis Powers Hetalia.


  1. Alexa replied:

    Too cute! I almost melted!
    I wish I could make amigurumi. I tried to pick up crocheting, but I failed. :C

    I’m in love with Hetalia as well~ You should make a little hat for Hanatamago. c: Or maybe Iceland’s puffin as a buddy!


  2. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you! :3 A hat would be adorable. Oh, the puffin! That’s a great idea…I think it might be a bit challenging, though. :)

  3. Justina replied:

    Adorable :3 Looks exactly like the real Hanatamago. My friend’s in love with Hetalia, too, so I want to make this for her. I already purchased a skein of chunky yarn – the soft, cuddly kind – but I’m having trouble.. Any tips please? );

  4. Anna replied:

    My god! I love it so muuuch!!! I’m a big fan of hetalia too XD

    I think it’s really hard to work with this kind of wool, but you did so perfect *_*

    Can I aks wich size of crochet hook you used?

  5. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you very much! :D I used a 3.75 mm hook.

  6. Kim replied:

    Hi, my name is Kim and my daughter is a huge Hitalia fan! I found your blog through the search engine looking for crochet patterns for Hitalia characters. Could you please let me know how much your patterns cost? I would like to have all of the Hitalia ones if possible to make with my daughter. Thanks for your time!

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