Hetalia Nordics

Quite possibly my favorite amigurumi project ever, I recently finished the Nordics from Axis Powers Hetalia! Yay! (I’m a bit attached to these little guys. :3)

Hetalia Nordics amigurumi

From left, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. There are more pictures on my Ravelry account.

August 26, 2010. Tags: , , . Amigurumi, Axis Powers Hetalia.


  1. giulia replied:

    Hi! I really love your little amigurumi people, may I ask you what pattern do you use as base to create them? I’ve found a lot of animals pattern, and big dolls too, but never a such proportionated little amigurumi person.

  2. Nimoe replied:

    Hi giulia, sorry I don’t have a pattern available. Thanks!

  3. Angela replied:

    They are simply too cute for words!

  4. first replied:

    wow…they look so professional oAo;;

    great work!!

  5. Kat replied:

    I love all of your amigurumis! And I especially love Hetalia as well. I just made my own Iceland plush with a pattern my friend and I came up with. I taught her how to make the parts, she made the pattern, I edited it. Anyway, I also want to thank you for providing the pictures of all ur plushes. It helped A LOT with our own stuff (mainly the hair) I now deem you the master of amigurumi dolls ^-^

  6. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you for the kind words, Kat! Your Iceland plushie sounds cute. ^_^

  7. Neko Namari replied:

    COOL… how can I make one?

  8. McKayla replied:

    They look so cuuute~! What did you use for the hair, and how would I go about making one for myself? I MUST HAVE THEM!

    (Yes I realize this comment is way late, but I hope you still get it ^_^)

  9. Feky replied:

    what do you use for hair? o.o

  10. Jacqueline Chappelear replied:

    Is there any way I can commission you for a Sweden and Finland!!! They are my favvvveeesss

  11. Miranda Dunakey replied:

    Oh my goodness, the Iceland and Norway ones are so cute! Do you do commission work? I’d love to have an Iceland and Norway. :D

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