Spikey! Cloud amigurumi

I finished another FFVII amigurumi: his spikeyness, Cloud. :)

Cloud amigurumi

February 17, 2011. Amigurumi, Final Fantasy VII.


  1. Daphne replied:

    Omg!! So adorable. Any way I can get the pattern, like buy it or something? *o*

  2. Daphne replied:

    Or at least the base of the doll pattern? ^^ I have been wanting to create dolls, but can’t find a base I like. And I love this one. It seems super simple and cute!

  3. Nimoe replied:

    Hi Daphne! Thank you so much. :) Unfortunately at this time I do not have a pattern available.

  4. Sakura replied:

    How big is that? Looks small but i wouldn’t judge on that :P
    How much does its height measure?

  5. Angela replied:

    I would love the pattern to this.not can’t seem to find it. I want to Marlborough for my boyfriend.

  6. Angela replied:

    Make this not Marlborough

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