Royal Wedding amigurumi

After watching the royal wedding on TV,  I just had to get to work on making a little Will & Kate amigurumi pair. :) I’m really happy with how they turned out, simplified and all. ^_^

Royal Wedding amigurumi

Royal Wedding amigurumi

May 29, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Amigurumi.


  1. redloon replied:

    they are so gorgeous, and what a good approximation! would you be willing to share the pattern please? if so do email me at

  2. bunny replied:

    is nice! wondering if you could share with me the pattern please? appreciate if do & email me at :)

  3. Jennifer Luedtke replied:

    so so so so cute-you are so talented :-)

  4. Anh Thư replied:

    can u give me a pattern my email at

  5. Natalie replied:

    So so cute!! Thanks for sharing =)

  6. Eleanor replied:

    These are so lovely, I would also love a pattern if you have one written.
    take care

  7. omayra replied:

    por favor quiero este patron!!!! esta hermoso!!!… please enviemelo…

  8. omayra replied:

    please i want this pattern!! This beautiful! … please send it to me …

  9. Chu replied:

    How Adorable!!!!!!

    Please share to me ^^ yama[

    Thank You Very Much

  10. Jaclyn replied:

    so adorable!!! for these 2 lovely ami doll, would you willing to share the pattern, please. :o)

  11. Indah replied:

    Yaps, these one is really adorable.
    Can I have the patterns also?
    Please share it to
    Really appreciated

  12. Noelia de la Fuente replied:

    hola hermoso trabajo. Compartirias los patrones? seria lindo hacerlos.

  13. Ervina replied:

    :o :o
    so nice..
    would you mind to share the pattern please?
    my email is
    thank you so much

  14. Eva replied:

    Hello, they are so beautiful, is there a written pattern please? Thank you

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