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About Nimoe (pronounced “nih-mo-way”, not Nemo–although Nemo is a great name :D)…

Welcome to my amigurumi blog! Amigurumi are small Japanese crocheted toys. Here you’ll find pictures of amigurumi I’ve made. I’m also interested in learning how to design patterns, so with luck and practice I’ll be posting more of those in the future.

In addition to making amigurumi alongside school and work, my interests include knitting, shojo anime/manga, video game RPGs, Finland ♥, writing (actually, I have serious writer’s block so it’s more like I just make notes on what I’d like to write…), doodling, kawaii things, etc. I have a fondness for camels and toasters. I collect plush camels and have 17 of them. Yes, I’m a big strange. ^_^;

Thanks for visiting!


  1. ReikiMommy07 replied:

    I’m strange, too… But I prefer to call it “cool!” LOL!

  2. Lauren replied:

    OMG, if you could send me a copy of that Sailor Moon pattern, I would love it! I have a sailor moon fan whose wife is about to have a baby and I would love to surprise him by giving his daughter a little sailor moon! Please?

  3. Marisa replied:

    Hey =] I stumbled apon this by accident and i was amazed by what you can make!! I saw your Sailor Moon and i was just like omg aww. I have no idea how to crochet but i suppose i could look it up, I just wanted to ask is it hard? Also if you don’t mind if I actually learn how to crochet could you post the pattern of sailor moon? If i learn how to I will try and make all the [important] Sailor Scouts =]
    Also if i can’t find a site with enough help on how to crochet maybe you could post that up too?
    Sorry i’m asking for so much lol. But you dont have to do any of it, just if you have any spare time XD
    Thanks =] Marisa xx

  4. Nimoe replied:

    Hey Marisa. ^_^ Thank you for your kind comments! Learning the basics of crochet isn’t too hard. There are a bunch of sites and books out there that can show you step-by-step instructions. Good luck!

  5. kelifer replied:

    I know I’ve already asked and you’ve gotten comments before, but would you be willing to share your patterns of the two dolls you did of the Shuurei and Kouyuu? Even how to make their bodies would be great, or even a site on how to make simple bodies too! Thanks, and I love what you do!!! THE DOLLS ARE AMAZING AND WONDERFULLY CUTE!!! 8D

  6. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you so much! :D I don’t have a pattern available for them, though, sorry…

  7. Mary replied:

    Your site is awesome. I’d love to try one or two of these they are so cute. I was a bit puzzled by the reference to a ‘magic ring’ though. what is that?

  8. cal replied:

    Hi there! Cool blog you have here! =)

    I’m also into crochet, anime/manga (I like both shonen and shojo..), doodling and writing too! Recently, I’m trying to design my own arigurumi plush.. though you won’t find any of them on my blog yet.

    Maybe we can be friends? ^^

  9. allison replied:

    I am in the process of designing my blog with a designer and I LOVE the pic of the blue cupcake you made. I would love to incorporate it into my blog design. I’d like to ask permission to use the photo.

  10. ien replied:

    hey…nice amigurumi!
    may i know how to do it??
    n i dont think u’re that weird….
    coz i know someone weirder,…
    anyway ‘weird is unique’


  11. Deawn replied:

    your site is excellent :)
    thank you so much for post the saiunkoku amigurumi :D

  12. Hallie replied:

    Wow I am in love with your blog!
    Thank you for posting all of this amazing work!

  13. dianne replied:

    Hi, I love your fox amigurumi pattern – it is fantastic! My daughter who is pregnant wants me to make her one, but I can’t crochet – is there any way to create a knitting pattern to produce a similar little fox?

  14. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you dianne! I haven’t really made knitted animals but creating the pattern would be a very different process. I know there’s at least one book out there with knitted amigurumi patterns (don’t know if it has a fox) and similar web resources. The crochet skills needed for making amigurumi are not too hard to learn though… :)

  15. Natasha replied:

    Hi! The amigurumi you make are really cute :) I started making amigurumi when I saw your step-by-step cupcake pattern ^^ I have a question about the Totoro you made… did you make it from the bottom up? Or from top to bottom? Or did you make two separate pieces (for the body)? I’ve been trying to make a Totoro for some time now and it’s always turned out into a strange shape… So I’m trying to figure out a good way to start it, so any advice would be appreciated… ^^

  16. Jazmine replied:

    WAAAA KAWAIII I love what you made i was wondering if i made any of these would you allow me to sell them?

  17. Nimoe replied:

    Thank you Jazmine! :) I don’t mind if you make a small number to sell for charity purposes.

  18. Kim replied:

    I am wondering if it would be possible to get the patterns for the Hatalia characters you created. My name is Kim and my daughter LOVES Hatalia! Please let me know how much you charge for the pattern

  19. pergamjee replied:

    Hi! Are you the same nimoe of deviantART? I have a Saiunkoku Monogatari group in dA, and I would kill for pics of your Saiunkoku arigurumi dolls in our group’s galley! Would you consider uploading these pics to dA? Please? If I beg? [my dA account is in the same name]

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