Hetalia Nordics

Quite possibly my favorite amigurumi project ever, I recently finished the Nordics from Axis Powers Hetalia! Yay! (I’m a bit attached to these little guys. :3)

Hetalia Nordics amigurumi

From left, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. There are more pictures on my Ravelry account.

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Hanatamago amigurumi!

Have I mentioned yet that I’m totally in love with Hetalia? OK. ^_^ Here’s Finland and Sweden’s puppy Hanatamago, amigurumi style. (Hanatamagurumi?)

Hanatamago amigurumi

Hanatamago amigurumi

The yarn is Pitter Patter from Hobby Lobby~~it’s very soft and cuddly but difficult to count stitches in. I used my previously posted dog pattern which I of course did not make just for this project and added a row to the legs, ears, and tail since this yarn seemed to smoosh together somehow.

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