Spikey! Cloud amigurumi

I finished another FFVII amigurumi: his spikeyness, Cloud. :)

Cloud amigurumi


February 17, 2011. Amigurumi, Final Fantasy VII. 6 comments.

Tifa amigurumi

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

Tifa amigurumi

Tifa amigurumiErm, the white stuff in her hair is snow… I take pics outside ’cause my house is too dark, and I was too impatient for the weather to improve. ^_^; Thanks for looking!

December 26, 2009. Tags: . Amigurumi, Final Fantasy VII. 3 comments.

Aeris amigurumi

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII lately. A lot. OK, I’m obsessed with it right now. As a result…

Aeris amigurumi

Aeris amigurumi

I luv Aeris! Or Aerith, if you will. ^_^ This was a great little project to make as I obviously haven’t done any crocheting for a long time…I attribute this to the fact that my friend started a knitting group back in February and I’ve pretty much been on a knitting kick since then. I’ve got some vacation coming up around the holidays, though, so I’m hoping to get more FFVII charas done. :D

Hope you like her! (Sorry, no pattern.)


November 11, 2009. Tags: . Amigurumi, Final Fantasy VII. 6 comments.