Ryuuki, mon ami

Another Saiunkoku amigurumi finished, yay! It’s Shi Ryuuki this time around, my fave SaiMono character who brings out my inner squee-ing fangirl. And here I thought I’d outgrown that phase. XD I’d like to try making a bigger version with the more elaborate court robes (elaborate robes = pretty)… The simpler outfit is a lot easier to make into a chibi doll, though!


It’s a good thing Shuurei is there to lean on ’cause he’s about to fall over under the weight of the hair. ^_^;;

August 17, 2008. Amigurumi, Saiunkoku Monogatari. 9 comments.

Kouyuu amigurumi

Finally finished my Kouyuu amigurumi from Saiunkoku Monogatari that I started, like, ten years ago… ^_^;; I was going for a grumpy look. The little hair bun thing was really fun to make. Doll hair amuses me way too much, I think. ^^

Kouyuu amigurumi (front)


Kouyuu amigurumi (back)

Ryuuki is (probably) next. :D

August 4, 2008. Amigurumi, Saiunkoku Monogatari. 5 comments.

Shuurei amigurumi

I’ve really been in a crocheting mood lately. It might be because classes are in session and my free time now comes pre-sliced in small chunks. It might also be because my brain is spastic and is just finding it easier to concentrate on smaller crafty projects right now. ^_^

Anyway, my current anime obsession continues to be Saiunkoku Monogatari (I’m up to season 2, episode 17 as of this writing), thus the Shuurei amigurumi:

Shuurei amigurumi (front)
Shuurei amigurumi (back)

I think she turned out kawaii, if I do say so myself. ^^ Even my mom thinks so, and she doesn’t watch anime. ^_^;; She’s cuter in person, actually. I took a few liberties with the outfit and I couldn’t find yarn and felt colors exactly accurate to the original. But the only thing I think I would change is making those stitches under the chin with peach, not pink. I wasn’t planning ahead. (And I didn’t notice the bow/sash was crooked in the picture, oops.) 

Reference picture for those unfamiliar with the series:

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Of course now I want to make ami’s of all the main characters, but I always say things like that and get distracted before I ever get around to it. *major sweatdrop* I did start Kouyuu, though, and I do also want a Ryuuki to go with Shuurei (he’s my favorite character ^_^). For now, homework calls.

February 13, 2008. Amigurumi, Saiunkoku Monogatari. 6 comments.