Hanatamago amigurumi!

Have I mentioned yet that I’m totally in love with Hetalia? OK. ^_^ Here’s Finland and Sweden’s puppy Hanatamago, amigurumi style. (Hanatamagurumi?)

Hanatamago amigurumi

Hanatamago amigurumi

The yarn is Pitter Patter from Hobby Lobby~~it’s very soft and cuddly but difficult to count stitches in. I used my previously posted dog pattern which I of course did not make just for this project and added a row to the legs, ears, and tail since this yarn seemed to smoosh together somehow.


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Edam the dog pattern

New dog amigurumi pattern… Hope you like! Sorry the pics are kind of crappy right now. -_-

Size: 3″ (8 cm) tall

If you’re wondering why he is named Edam (a type of cheese)… Well, I’ve gotten into the series Axis Powers Hetalia lately, and the character Finland (whom I love and adore :D) wants to name his and Sweden’s puppy all sorts of bizarre names like Cheese Castle (?!). And as I was working on this pattern, I thought it totally looked like a cheese castle. XD Ahem. You can, of course, gives yours a more normal name. ^.^

Materials needed

Worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Cornmeal)
3.5 mm (E) hook
Plastic pellets
Eyes (see note below)

On to the pattern

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